Investment Opportunities

Addison Corporate Center

A value add investment opportunity, projected to provide short-term equity growth.  Upon reaching stabilization, it is expected that the property will be sold or recapitalized in 24-48 months.  Anchored by GE/Alstom, ranked #11 on Fortune 500 and Sun Life Financial, a "AA" rated credit tenant, it is projected that investors will earn a 34% IRR (internal rate of return) on invested capital.

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Virtua High Growth Fund II

The Virtua High Growth Fund II is a real estate investment fund for investors looking to achieve compelling rates of capital appreciation through value add investments in commercial real estate.  The predecessor to VHGF II is VHGF I and has made 14 investments in a variety of properties.  Three of the fourteen investments have gone full cycle and realized a 123% IRR prior to expenses.

Due to the large number of TIC loans maturing in 2016 and 2017, the Fund is now seeking capital to take advantage of the opportunity to purchase TIC interests that are looking to exit, provide rescue capital to distressed opportunities, and offer liquidity to an illiquid market.

Current market conditions enable savvy investors to benefit from the upcoming real estate cycle.  Click on the link below to review the investment brochure.



Virtua 99th





Closed Investment Opportunities:

Peoria Lakes

Virtua 91st

Met Center 15

Britannia Business Center I

Hampton Inn Plymouth Meeting

Virtua High Growth Fund I

Hampton Inn - Philadelphia Airport 

High Quality Offerings

We eliminate Wall Street middlemen, high fees, and aggressive loads.  Our offerings are meticulously researched and expertly managed.  Above all else, our primary goal is to protect investor capital by providing safe investment alternatives.

Fortune 500 Tenants
Some of our current and past offerings include tenants such as Lockheed Martin, United Healthcare, Progressive Insurance and Waste Management.  Credit worthy tenants ensure stable cash flows and reduce risk.  

Superior Returns
We provide fixed income and equity investments. Our fixed income offerings are primarily mezzanine debt with returns of 13-15% net to the investor, paid monthly.  Our equity offerings span a range of options from fully stabilized assets to value add investment.   We target returns of 12-18% on stabilized assets and returns of 20-30%+ on value add investments.  

We offer a variety of investments with uncorrelated risk profiles.  For investors who are over-weight in one commercial real estate property, it is particularly important to diversify.  We offer geographic, credit, asset class, and capital stack diversification.

Fixed Income
High quality, diversified, regular cash flow
With current offerings yielding as high as 15% annual returns, paid monthly, Versant provides exceptional fixed income investments.  Versant is dedicated to low fee offerings.  We remove layers of fees to maximize investor returns. 
Many of our high quality investments are backed by Fortune 500 tenants in top of class facilities.
Our fixed income investments provide flexible investment options as low as $25,000, and pay monthly distributions.

Growth Opportunities
Create and Rebuild Wealth
Versant provides opportunistic investments to enhance overall wealth.  Our experienced team identifies inefficiencies and creates value by cutting costs, repositioning the asset, infusing capital, and improving management.