• Providing a clear path through difficult terrain.

    Providing a clear path
    through difficult terrain.

    Versant Commercial Brokerage is a boutique real estate finance and investment advisory firm that provides flexible solutions to commercial real estate investors and partnerships nationwide. Our team of professionals have the creativity and outside the box approach to see through the most challenging of deals. Read More
  • We eliminate the middle man.

    We eliminate
    the middle man.

    We offer access to direct investments. Our opportunities allow individual investors to bypass the middlemen that load fees and reduce return. These high quality offerings are backed by Fortune 500 tenants and deliver mid teen returns. Read More
  • Providing flexible equitycapital to clients.

    Providing flexible equity
    capital to clients.

    Our direct placement of equity capital provides the low cost of capital needed to maintain cash flow and reduce dilution for our clients. Read More
  • Originating theright debt.

    Originating the
    right debt.

    Obtaining the best possible financing is a crucial ingredient to the success of any real estate project. With $3,000,000,000 of combined experience, we understand how to originate the best senior debt. Read More
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