Investor Services



Versant’s mission is to provide clients with opportunities to expand the value of their real estate investment portfolios by identifying suitable properties, as well as executing their acquisition and disposition processes. Versant believes its team-orientated approach and institutional presence helps clients create value and maximize returns.

Investment Sales and Acquisitions

Versant’s focus is sales and acquisitions of investment properties, whether they be single assets, portfolios, or funds, and the identification of strategies particularly suited to the needs of each client. Integrated within Virtua Partners’ capital markets platform, and creating an optimal platform for senior debt, mezzanine, and equity financings.  Each transaction is studied with thorough analytics and research to achieve the maximum price for an asset.  Offering its clients what it considers to be a contemporaneous view of pricing and availability of both conventional and structured financing vehicles.

Land Acquisition

Versant pursues major residential projects for single family development resale, land for entitlement, urban infill projects, and partially finished or unfinished residential construction projects.


Special Assets / Recapitalizations

Versant has a track record of assisting investors with properties that may have insufficient equity or other challenges that make a traditional sale or refinancing difficult. Our team members have advised on more than $4 billion of restructuring, recapitalization, and workout transactions in which they have demonstrated their creativity and technical proficiency.

Property Services

Leasing and Landlord Services

Our landlord services are focused on developing long term tenant relationships for our clients. Maximizing returns in investment-grade commercial property means more than filling space; it also requires an understanding of the best use for space, market demands, and competing properties that may influence tenants or owners’ decisions.  Moreover, we believe it is also important to approach leasing challenges from the perspective of the user.  Versant performs a comparative lease analysis between competing assets, blend and extend analysis, and lease buyout to ensure our clients make well-informed decisions to negotiate the best transactions. 

Strategic Advisory and Underwriting

Versant identifies major market opportunities through a collection of data such as economic indicators and supply-demand variables, while back testing its research with third party sources. Markets of opportunity are identified based on their cumulative indicators including job growth, vacancy, construction, affordability, rents, age demographics, workforce salaries, technology trends, and professional education.



Development Services

Versant believes real estate development is a people business, and that its people are the best. We try to select our deal project teams based on how well each team member’s skills and experience should match the particular deal’s requirements.  The Versant development services team provides assistance with:

  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Site Assessment, Acquisition, and Planning
  • Finance and Capitalization
  • Entitlement Consulting
  • Project Advisory and Consultation
  • Project Management
  • Risk Mitigation

Investment Advisory

Providers of exceptional investment opportunities

Versant excels at providing flexible options to commercial real estate investors with proven solutions for maximizing asset value.  With over 50 years of Commercial Real Estate and Investment experience, Versant and its affiliates can provide the right suite of advisory services for your specific needs.  Each advisory assignment is staffed with a team of senior professionals and analysts to provide proven solutions.

Assignments have included:

  • Partnership restructuring
  • Portfolio recapitalization
  • Syndication formation
  • Fund portfolio consultation
  • 1031 Investment Strategies
  • Ground Up Development Strategies
  • Refinance or Sale analysis
  • Rescue/White Knight Capital

Equity Placement / Capital Markets

Senior Debt Placement

A Clear Path Through Difficult Terrain

Our professionals have more than $3,000,000,000 of combined commercial real estate experience. Our extensive network of relationships with senior lenders and our knowledge of capital markets will ensure the best pricing and maximum loan proceeds. 

Not all loans are created equal.  We take the time to understand our client’s needs and objectives and identify the best debt solutions.  Obtaining the best possible financing is a crucial ingredient to the success of any real estate project.  

We provide:

  • Permanent Financing
  • Bridge Financing
  • Mezzanine Debt
  • Discounted Payoff Financing
  • Participating Debt
  • Structured Investments
  • Construction Loans

We have maintained a network of relationships that include portfolio lenders, banks, conduits, insurance companies, bridge and private lenders.  Our ability to place flexible debt and equity directly into demanding situations differentiates us from the competition.

Equity Placement

Providing flexible equity capital to clients

Versant is dedicated to small and middle market commercial real estate opportunities.  Most institutional equity investors have a minimum investment requirement of $3MM - $5MM.  Many real estate projects need smaller amounts of additional equity.  We excel at placing equity from $500,000 to $10,000,000.

Versant Commercial Brokerage has direct access to thousands of investors looking to invest in Commercial Real Estate nationwide.  Our wholesale approach removes the middlemen that increase costs and make institutional equity very expensive.   Our ability to finance equity at reasonable rates is unique, offering the most efficient option for commercial real estate owners in need of equity capital.

§1031 Opportunities

We offer §1031 exchange opportunities for tenant in common investors that are selling their existing properties.  Deferred capital gains taxes and depreciation recapture taxes are very burdensome for investors who utilized a §1031 exchange to get into their existing investment.  In cases where investors have a very low adjusted tax basis, the tax liability can eat up a majority of the cash recovery.  Those investors have a compelling need to defer taxes through another §1031 exchange.  We are experts in §1031 transactions and TIC investments.

We offer §1031 opportunities that will allow individual investors the opportunity to gain direct access to commercial real estate and continue to defer their taxes.  Our §1031 opportunities come with low fees, solid management, current cash flow, and are open to accredited investors.