Property Services

Leasing and Landlord Services

Our landlord services are focused on developing long term tenant relationships for our clients. Maximizing returns in investment-grade commercial property means more than filling space; it also requires an understanding of the best use for space, market demands, and competing properties that may influence tenants or owners’ decisions.  Moreover, we believe it is also important to approach leasing challenges from the perspective of the user.  Versant performs a comparative lease analysis between competing assets, blend and extend analysis, and lease buyout to ensure our clients make well-informed decisions to negotiate the best transactions. 

Strategic Advisory and Underwriting

Versant identifies major market opportunities through a collection of data such as economic indicators and supply-demand variables, while back testing its research with third party sources. Markets of opportunity are identified based on their cumulative indicators including job growth, vacancy, construction, affordability, rents, age demographics, workforce salaries, technology trends, and professional education.